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Jilda Décor is a company that provides interior designe products.

Ours products may be used in many ways. We embellish your interior with curtains, paneling and can divide your space in a clever way with partition walls of different shapes and models after your own alike.

Let your imagination fly away and we will change your large or small rooms, wide or narrow spaces, into intimate places, where you can discuss business or spend quality time in a colorful ambient.

With Jilda Décor multifunctional products your boundaries disappear and you can create individual systems of various sizes, shapes and colors as to your creative ideas.

The assembly system is flexible and can combine different Jilda Décor boards that allows your imagination to really take shape.

Jilda Décor can change the common interior look thru its bright and colorful materials.

Whether you like to give more shine to your reception, or to transform your café into a masterpiece , or to add novelty by creating partition walls to your bedroom, either one, we are by your side to sustain your creativity.

We are your ideal partners with innovating concepts for your big company, houses, anniversaries or special and unique occasions.

The assembly of Plexigla is very simple and affordable to everyone. You have endless possibilities to combine Jilda Décor boards by binding every of its fourth corners with grapples.

It’s easy to clean, it doesn’t rust and its colors will never fade away.

By combining the 16 different colors available with chrome grapples you can easily change a space looks wheter you have a café, restaurant, hotel, spa, mall, office buildings or shop windows.

The size of a Plexiglas board is 29x29 cm and every corner has a 2.5 mm hole for binding.

Its color pallet, the model variations and its ingenious design can satisfy the most demanding taste.

It’s the best, ingenious and easiest way to mask uncomfortable and disturbing detailes

Today we have a 3.000 square meters show room on sos. Bucuresti-Urziceni No. 7A, Afumati, Ilfov.